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Accidentally Formatted my Clickfree on my computer / now it does not work

Take a deep breath, you can fix this problem, but you may want to have our Technical Support Team on the phone to assist. Diagnosing the Problem:" When attempting to back up pictures, videos, or contacts, you get a Backup Failed error message using either the Green Circle or tap a selective Backup Function. Tap the 3 lines on the left top of the screen and tap Format If there is no drive listed on the screen and the Format button is greyed out, then it is probable that your Memory was form...

Sales Tax

We are required to collect tax in certain states because we have inventory in those states. In most states, tax is not collected on the shipping, but on the value of the product. In a few states, we are also required to collect tax on shipping as a service, based on the tax laws in those states. If you need additional Assistance Please Contact Clickfree Support

QVC- Clickfree reported as Prop65

There is some confusion with the QVC buying team. Clickfree is Pro65 compliant. We are reaching out to the QVC Buying Team to resolve this confusion. If you would like to make a purchase of the Clickfree in the meantime, you can visit www.clickfreebackup.com

Clickfree download- ONLY for MS edge browsers

If you are having a problem downloading the Clickfree Apps using the MS Edge Browser, this can be easily fixed by following the following steps: In the browser window click the 3 horizontal dots. This will take you to the settings menu In the settings menu scroll down to the heading called Insecure Content and click it. Under Allow, click the add button In the dialog box, add "clickfreebackup.com (http://clickfreebackup.com/)" Click OK

Who is CLEARVIEW PRODUCTIONS Technical Support?

Clearview Productions is also responsible and the direct customer service for our affiliated retailers including: HSN, QVC US, TVSN, QVC UK, ShopHQ, Amazon, Walmart, Shopping Channel, and other direct ecommerce providers!

We cherish our customers' business and offer warm, accommodating service in the channels you want to communicate with us, whether that's through email, live chat, or phone calls. 

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